Monday, 11 March 2013

Two towns of the Southern Highlands

We were invited to go orchid hunting in the Southern Highlands today and a very image-enriched post on that will, inshallah, appear tomorrow.  A BIG thank you to Denis for inviting us.  This did enable us to include 2 more towns on the list of those we have "officially" visited and this post records that event.

The first town was Tallong, and the images that follow were taken by Frances as she took the small dog for a stroll while Denis and I checked out the supplies and ambience (both excellent) of the Tallong General store.

We start with the town water tank and interesting mural design.
 Here is the War Memorial, with WW1 in the Central position and WW2 added subsequently.
 After the orchiding with headed into Marulan, which in the past was a small town which caused delays on the Hume Highway.  A bypass now runs just South of the town and few visit it, although it is doing a good job with history.  As often the case with our project it is a more interesting place that first thought,

Here is their War Memorial.
 This is one of the pubs which never regained its licence (see below),  When we walked past it the small dog dived under the green fabric: somehow she had spotted the large rat trying to get in the front door.  We didn't have time for that sport and I restrained her!
 Aspects of St Stephens Presbyterian Church

 An interesting sign!
 The Dunny in Oliver Memorial Park

 The terminus hotel sign: plus ca change c'est la meme chose!
 A wider view of the Hotel.
We are also visiting the VC memorials along the Highway.  The last time I called in here was on the way home from our Sri Lanka trip!


edward said...

These places in Sydney are sometimes just so overlooked. I'm glad to see the war memorials and landmarks being logged here, but what happened to pictures of the orchids?

Flabmeister said...

Thanks for the comment Edward. I'm not sure that Talong and Marulan would quite sign up to being in Sydney (yet) but I know what you mean.

To try to keep the size of the pot almost under control I put the orchid pictures in another post