Wednesday, 13 March 2013

A waddle round Central Basin

Much of the action I reported from Saturday was close to Central Basin of Lake Burley Griffin.  Two things I didn't capture, because they were a bit far away and there were many other things, were installations near the Carillion.

This afternoon I went for a 5km run round the Basin and found these installations in less luminous guise.  The first of these was a set of letters that spelt out "Nation" but were installed so they floated in a circle and one could neer get the entire word.  Today they were being dismantled and had become a tad anagrammatic!
Another installation that was just too distant on Saturday spelt out the word "Country"  I took a daylight image of most of it today.  Sorry about the missing 'C'.  (I am intrigued that I haven't been able to find an on-line image to copy!)
The letters are all filled with various vegetative elements.

The letter 'R' was of particular interest as it was  made from Kunzea ericoides (Burgan) by our neighbour Mike McGregor.  He is a talented sculptor and often enters Sculpture by the Sea in Sydney.  He has done many metal sculptures of native plants and wildlife - some are huge.   Here is a detail: we have plenty more Burgan if he wishes to do "War and Peace" and runs short.
I continued on to the trees between Regatta Point and Stage 88 to check the fruit bats.  They are present in fair numbers (and volume of noise).

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