Friday, 8 March 2013

A Native of ... where?

I went to Jerrabomerra Wetlands today and decided they could well be called Jerrabomerra Drylands.  This was mainly because to the lack of dampness on Kelly's Swamp (see below) but also due to the presence of this:
From my memory of travels in the SW of the US this looks very like plants native to the Sonoran Desert on the border of Mexico and Arizona.  Perhaps Saguaro Cactus will soon appear?

The Swamp is almost dry.  However I observed 25 Black-fronted Plovers skittering around on the exposed mud (click on images to spot them).

It was also interesting - and pleasing - to see that the managers of the area are taking advantage of the Big(gish) Dry to whack into the Typha.

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