Saturday, 9 March 2013

Some rural musings

This is really just a collection of odds and ends which have appealed to me recently.  I'll start with sunrise from our drive.
A good sunrise is always improved by the Magpies carolling.
There has not been much around in the way of mist recently, but the mellow fruitfulness is in full swing.

I actually have some doubts about the mellowness of these chillis.  At least they have graced us with their presence, unlike the Habanero which have not set any fruit at all, which was a surprise given the warm weather.

The crab apple tree has also set some fruit...
... much to the delight of the Crimson Rosellas.
Late in the day I went out to see whether any Eriochilus (Parsons Bands) were deigning to grace our block.  The answer was "No." but I did find a couple of Diplodium reflexum.
This is a shot taken from my "evening chair" showing the branches of one of our Yellow Box trees.  Just because I think it is an interesting pattern.
As we went out to view the Enlightened Festival it was very pleasing to see an Echidna wandering about on the verge of Whiskers Creek Rd.  On the way home a small Wombat was grazing beside Widgiewa Rd.  This was echoed at 3:30am when the small dog needed a comfort stop and another Wombat was on our lawn.

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