Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A search for Eriochilus

Having done my chores for the day I went for a wander up the block to attempt to find some Eriochilus cucullatus (Parsons Bands).  Most years at this time the block has had a good display, but as the place is beginning to resemble to outer elements of the Gobi Desert - March 2013 is looking as though it may be our first month with 0mm rain - and is has been hard to find any Autumn orchids.

To make sure I had something nice to show you I took a few other snaps along the way.

Wahlenbergia gracilis (based on its small size)
Hibbertia obtusifolia
Goodenia hederacea
Hooray!  A double header Eriochilus cucullatus!!
A different specimen - but I only found about 6 plants widely dispersed rather than a swathe.  I an not sure about the Parsons Bands name, but when seen in close up with the swollen 'lips' and 'arms' waving around they always remind me of certain preachers from the South (of the USA) or North (of Ireland).
In case people are already tired of the colder weather here is Melichrus urceolatus getting in bud ready for Spring!
I think this is some form of Vittadinia.
I have no idea why Chrysocephalum apiculatum is flowering again.
Theer were still quite a lot of butterflies around.  This Common Brown posed nicely.
Another specimen allowed a close up (OK a major zoom in from 2m away) of its head.

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