Thursday, 21 March 2013

Mainly matters aerial and/or opterous

I will confess that I have invented the word "opterous" to suggest "wings".  The post begins with a winged mammal:
I am unsure which species of bat this is, as the image is a tad unfocussed.  However it is a noisy blighter when up in our ceiling at 10pm.  The hole it is emerging from is no more than 2cm wide at its extreme.

The next image is of man made wings seen at dawn this morning.
 Our Flightradar24 application suggests it is a Jetstar flight from Melbourne, heading in to Sydney.  It was at 37,000 fet going over our place.

Moving briefly into matters aerial, what had attracted me out was the sight of these clouds.
An hour or so later it was still a bit humid, giving this pleasant view across the Hoskinstown Plain towards Mt Palerang.
 Later in the morning we went into Civic (aka Canberra City) where  found some white things with wings - Little Corellas - making nice on a window ledge.  I am intrigued about the white stuff on the windows!
 Where window ledges were not available the birds seemed to hang off the joints between the windows.  I hope the rubber in these joints is good quality.
Back home again I had hoped to get a couple of images of winged insects.  However there were few of these around other than a few well-worn Common Brown butterflies.  Then I found another of these mystery insects now known to be a lacewing  Poremus strigatus.


Mary Chamie said...

Poremus strigatus looks like he is headed to a formal event, a wedding perhaps? What a gorgeous outfit he has on.

The insects we have here in the Bahamas wear something more equivalent to orange and yellow shorts and t-shirts.

Flabmeister said...


I will see what I can do in getting an image of a less tuxedo'd insect for you. Unfortunately most of our 6=legged friends are heading under bark as the cool weather arrives. That being something not common in the Bahamas.