Monday, 4 March 2013

Cleaning up a small part of Australia ...

... a day late.

Due to getting confused by some stuff about our garbage survey I forgot that yesterday was Clean-up Australia Day so had to do my patch today.  This is about 600m on Captains Flat rd and I do both sides.

The start was not that propitious since I was greeted with this sight.
This is the area where the school buses drop the kids off after school.   However I don't think the parents are sufficiently bored to knock off a 4 litre Coolabah and 6 bottles of red.  Unless the schools are very advanced I doubt if they allow the kids to duck down to Liquorland to get a little something for the bus trip home.  So I assume it is a bunch of grot bags who dumped the results of their day's pig-hunting.

My impression was that apart from this there was generally less litter than has been the case in the past.  Perhaps that means the message about keeping the place tidy is sinking in a bit?

I picked up 2 sacks of recyclable stuff and 1.5 sacks of garbage.

  1. The garbage was basically grubby packaging of all sorts.  Drink containers from the fast food outlets (Maccas, KFC and Hungry Jack's all ell represented) were the most numerous item.
  2. Recyclables were very varied this, as opposed to the past where there has seemed to be one brand that made a big contribution.
    1. Soft drinks were possibly the most numerous with Pepsi slightly in front of Coke.  
    2. In terms of "Energy drinks" Red Bull seems to be the most popular (Mark Webber fans from Queanbeyan?) while I didn't notice a single can of Mother, which two years ago was the major contributor to the stuff picked up.
    3. Relatively few beer bottles of several brands.
Unfortunately when I got back to the area where the school bus picks kids up the sight was not too good.
The circled objects were things like fruit pie wrappers and tetrapacks from fruit juice.  Obviously some of our junior kids haven't got the message yet.  So if you know a micro-bogan in this area please explain to them that they should 
a)  have  breakfast at home and/or
b) take their crud with them.

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