Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Granny Weatherwax's card

In some of Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels one of his witches transfers into the mind of an owl, leaving her body a little comatose.  She holds a sign on her chest saying "I aren't dead"when she does this.

Rather than holding up such a sign I will refer you to this blog for the next while.

Friday, 1 July 2016

June 2016 Weather

(Jan 1993 to date)

Current year

June 2016
Past years
8 June 2005
08 June 1996
All Months
 24 Jan 2001
 02 Aug 1997
(May 1984 to date)

Current year
Past years
Annual total
821.1 (est)

Rainfall for the month is highlighted as it is the highest for the month of June in this area since records began in 1984.  The heaviest day was 5 June on which we received 88.6mm, the second highest recording (and only 5.4mm behind the record of 94mm on 12 October 1996).


We had two major rain events during the month, from 4 - 6 June (118.4mm) and 17-21 June (37.2mm).  Overall we received more than 0.2mm of rain on 13 days.  The relative magnitude of the fall is emphasised by this chart.
All dams in the area are full and Whiskers Creek has run steadily throughout the month.  A local rsident, possibly channelling Hanrahan, commented to the effect that "We haven't got a problem with rain - other than too much - until September."


Basically a month of 2 moods.  Quite moderate temperatures during the rain events followed by cold (or chillier) temperatures at other times.
The temperature fell below 0oC on 13 days.  This is more than for recent years but above the average since 1993.  Taking the BoM definition of a frost (less than 2oC) the count of days is still 13!  This is well below the long term average of 20 frosty days in June.

The average maximum temperature of 11.2oC was almost on the long term average, and similar to recent years.  
However the average minimum of +2.3oC was well above the long term average of -0.1oC (but that value is more like the values recorded prior to about 2007).


An undry month.  If 40% relative humidity is 'normal' we were above that the entire month.  Indeed the 3pm rH only dropped below 50% on one day.
 This seems quite normal when compared with other years since 2013.


The month felt windy.  And so it was:
 As expected the windy days coincided with the rain events.  This daily windiness is reflected in the average gusts recorded over the month, which while not as high as May 2016 were still way above previous Junes.

June updates

The image below isn't really an update, but it is cute.
It isn't great quality, being taken through a window in dusk, but I thought the record of a family of Swampies on the lawn on 12 June was pretty good.  The small dog went completely ballistic.

The mum and bub turned up again on 30 June.
If you don't think Junior is cute, I suggest you get your medication adjusted.

This Blog

  • I have added a few bits and pieces to the East Coast Low post include a reference to this having the second highest daily rainfall recorded in Carwoola.
  • The Bird a Day situation for 8 June has been corrected!  (It was published on 9 June, but the matters referred to occurred on 8 June.)
  • Some insights into bat management have been linked.
  • A link to ABC coverage of Eden Monaro has been added.
  • I have added some updates to the Brexit post.
Several posts have included comment about Australian political matters, including one grumpy reaction to answering the phone to find it was recording of Julie Bishop.  On June 30 things got worse when the caller was Fred Nile!  (The absolute nadir would be if it had been Elephant-eater Borsak.  Thinking further about it I'm not sure where Derryn Hinch and La Hanson fit relative to Fred - I just know all of them are well of the bottom of scale of desirable pondlife.)