Saturday, 23 March 2013

Lives sedate and otherwise

I recently posted on Carwoola birds about last year's Tawny Frogmouth story.  Since I put that up they seem to have become more frequent sightings in their old haunts, which is good.  They are still very immobile most of the day.
Apart from starting the post with a reasonable image this does a fair job of indicating the different shapes of the two birds and also shows the much more noticeable tawny patch on the female.

After spotting the Frogmouths this morning we headed off on the usual dog walk.  Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me, as we were treated to a great kangaroo boxing match.  As well as the sight of the wrestling the sound effects were incredible with the thud as a kick was landed to the abdomen being reminiscent of Big Mal Meninga stopping Blocker Roach in his tracks.  Both combatants were aware of our presence and seemed, initially, to mutually agree to a pause in hostilities to watch us pass by.  Unfortunately one of them didn't follow the rules and sank a two footed shot to the groin, which I suspect resolved the contest.

After that eye-watering event we spotted a very pretty fox in a paddock off Whiskers Creek Rd.  It didn't hang around as we approached but fled.  This seemed to annoy the local Magpies who gave it a fearful swooping before the fox was able to get into cover.

A couple of days later I was having a medicinal glass of red wine in out sun room.  As often the case the small dog was sitting, semi-comatose, on my lap when she suddenly switched into full alert mode.  A very pretty, albeit grey rather than orange, fox had wandered on to our lawn.  There was a period of 1-2 minutes where the two canids peered at each other: I don't think either could believe what they were seeing.  Then chaos broke out indoors and the fox took off.  Very, very amusing.

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