Saturday, 16 March 2013

Doth the Iceman come?

Our drive is usually a mass of Dahlias through Summer but they are only now starting to hit their straps.  Thiis possibly something to with rainfall.  Definitely not an indicator of Winter.
 However the leaves on our pin-oak are starting to turn, so perhaps Autumn can be seen from here? (I disregard Eurocentric calendars that suggest Autumn suddenly appears on 1 March and will comment on that when I do my weather report at the end of the month.)
 Our chilis are also turning, after the warmth of January got them to set fruit.
Frances used a part of one in a recipe on Thursday and announced that if the seeds are included they have certainly retained some warmth of Summer.  It is probably just as well that the Habanero have been a failure (although I believe we still have some frozen ones from a previous crop).

Both our major apple trees have a good crop.

The next day suggested that one does not need a telescope to see Autumn.  When we went for out morning walk on 17 March it was around 6C with strong winds.  My guess is the "apparent temperature" (aka windchill) was close to 0c.

But wait: there's more!  No, not a set of steak knives, but the first "ground frost" of the year with a temperature of 1.1C at 7:14.  (I use the term ground frost to indicate a temperature on an elevated thermometer of <2c 0c.="" 0c="" 2c="" 2m="" a="" above="" air="" an="" and="" at="" be="" equivalent="" frost="" ground.="" ground="" height="" is="" more="" nbsp="" on="" p="" site="" standard="" than="" that="" the="" thermometer="" to="" with="" would="">
Perhaps the way the trombacchini are behaving also indicates Autumn.   Completely out of control is a phrase that springs to mind.

I thought I would play around with Photoshop Elements to artistically emphasise the central image.
  I await feedback, but don't think I will start anew career as a forger just yet!

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