Monday, 5 March 2012

Reptile meets art

This morning I looked out the kitchen window and noticed that our tribute to Georgia O'Keefe had gained an addition. From the pattern on the back I believe this to be a Mountain Dragon rather than a Nobbi Dragon which seems to be far less common in our area.

Looking at Ross Bennett's seminal book -Reptiles and Frogs of the ACT  (unfortunately I believe this to be out of print) - the key feature for many lizards is the colour of the inside of the mouth and/or the tongue.  As is often the case with lizards, but less so with me, this one kept its gob shut.

The reason I have included it here is that it is a very attractive lizard, and unusually cooperative in posing for so many photographs.

The skull was acquired by Frances on a plant walk - on which I was not present and thus did not have to shlep it for several kilometres.

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