Saturday, 10 March 2012

Red Dog (and B&W dog)

NOTE:  Tammie ((B&W Dog) is OK!
Following on with our hire of DVDs we have just watched Red Dog.  This is described on the sleeve notes as being based on the true legend of Red Dog.  Whatever: the movie is a total hoot and was given 4.5+ stars by us.  Lots of humour and not to much development of the human characters.

Koko the kelpie who plays Red Dog is brilliant.

Many of the other actors, playing larger than life 'Australian' characters seemed familiar to me but I didn't recognise their names from the credits.  Then it struck me: they are people one sees in adverts for alcohol on TV - notably the Bundy Bear series.  (Since I have now mentioned this company twice in a week, I should point out to the nice people from Bundaberg that if they should happen to sling a bottle of UP my way, I would be able to fit some quality control into my schedule.)

The somewhat smaller Black and White DOG, resident in these premises, did prick up her ears a fair bit in the early stages of the film while Koko had a speaking part.  Tammy lost interest after the first battle with Red Cat and went to sleep.  She was probably still recovering from her mining activities in our garden yesterday.
In essence she discovered a rabbit burrow under some chrysanthemums and decided to explore it.  It seemed that she could get a better angle by lying sideways!   Just about every part of her became involved in this, with particular use of the teeth to rip chrysant roots out of the way.  Unfortunately the rabbit was elsewhere.


Denis Wilson said...

I enjoyed it too, Martin.
But as I scrolled down, I thought for a minute you were doing a Life and Death story, and my heart missed a beat.
But You were not burying Tammy, as I feared. Just her chasing the local Bunnies.
I loved the fight sequence too.

Flabmeister said...


Thanks for your concern about Her Majesty! I have modified the intro to make it clear she is OK, especially as the thumbnail in Nature of Robbo does look a bit 'otherwise'.