Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A different fungus at Mulligans Flat

On 21 March - happy Equinox, even thought the daylight length appeared to be slightly over 12 hours  - the COG Wednesday walkers visited the Southern part of Mulligan's Flat.  It was quite good birding - 43 species even missing a raft of regulars such as Superb Fairy Wren.

I was in retrospect very surprised at the paucity of fungi compared to Carwoola, and even the Northern part of Mulligan's which ANPS traversed recently.

There were a few specimens which resembled Russula rosea but nothing interesting until this was noticed by Sandra, close to the end of the walk.
From a squizz through Fuhrer it appears to be Clavulina cinerea: described as "Found on the ground in eucalypt forest where fairly common." 

I have consulted the Australian Fungi blog and the Sydney Fungal Studies group website and neither list this species.  Is this because it isn't quite as commonas Furhere suggest or have the forces of evil (aka taxonomists!) just renamed the species?

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