Saturday, 3 March 2012

A hyperactive wasp

While wandering our block looking for fungi and orchids I noticed two rather large wasps climbing around in the tips of some Kunzea ericoides.  I originally thought it was a potter wasp, but following the helpful comment (below) now realise it is a spider wasp (Family Pompilidae. genus Cryptocheilus species possibly bicolor).

Enough text, here are several images, as the wasp clambers the bush around searching for food or, if it is a female,a spider to lay eggs in.


BolĂ­var R. Garcete-Barrett said...

Hi! This wasp is not a Vespid, but a Pompilid. =)

Flabmeister said...

G'day Bolivar. Many thanks for your comment. I have corrected matters in the text.