Sunday, 4 March 2012

The impact of record rainfall: 5 Parties get abbreviated

We had been thinking for some time of getting the local bird enthusiasts together for a social event.  After some fiddling around we found a date on which 5 of the 6 households involved would be available and set arrangements in place for 3pm March 3.

Then we had the great downpour.  I decided that I would make a call at 9am on the 3rd if we were going ahead or not.  At that time it wasn't raining and the radar up to 512km out looked pretty clear so I decided we'd go for it.

Of course about 2pm it started to rain and the radar had found quite a lot of bright blue (ie heavy rain).  Drat.  We decided to stick with our plan because we should get a few hours of socialising to make it worthwhile for the guests coming from the far side of the Molonglo, who'd have a fair detour.   Since it was also damn cold I lit a fire - in March, in Australia.  Go figure!

So folk rolled up and bottles of wine were opened and finger food was fingered and toothed, and convivial chat chatted.

As it was still raining at about 4:05pm Frances pointed out that I should probably go and have a look at the Creek.  I did so and it was just starting to go over our drive.   The radar suggested that the rain was about to get heavier, so we decided that those without serious 4WD should park their cars on the far side of the Creek and they went to do so, with one of the heavy brigade to give them a lift back.

When they returned (say 4:25pm) it was with news that the water was near hub height.  Time to go, people!  A very rapid set of farewells and off everyone went, leaving us with:
  • enough lovely nibbles to change the outcome of the Burke and Wills expedition;
  • sufficient extra crockery to open a stall at a Church Bazaar (I do know who owns what and will return it in due course); and 
  • slightly more wine and beer than we had at the start of the day!
Here is Whiskers Creek being forded.

I felt a bit guilty about disrupting people for such a brief event, but they are all country dwellers so I am sure  will understand.  Watch this blog for a repeat in Spring!

To put this rain episode into perspective, by early on the morning of 4 March we had received as much rain so far in 2012 (65 days) as we did in the period 1 January 2011 to 5 August 2011 (218 days).  By now, noon on 4 March, we are up to 372mm for the year!

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