Thursday, 1 March 2012

March begins as February ended

Indeed J. Pluvius Esq. seemed to ignore the calendar turning a page completely and just carried on pouring it down.   The Canberra Times has described the general soggy situation.

Back at the ranch, after the records of February March has opened with 39mm of rain between 10pm on 29 February and 6:30am on 1 March.  Here are some shots from that time.  The first two are of the drive.

 This one is about 100 down the creek where there is/was a 1.5m high weir.
We went for a walk with the small dog about 8am.  Up in the top paddock water was everywhere, including a few places I hadn't seen it before.  Our 'other' creek was not surprisingly in full spate.

By the time we got back to the rain gauge another 8.5mm had been deposited.  This means that 9 hours into the month we are already in front of last year's total and exceeded the 5 year average for March!

I have turned off the pump that directs water from our catch tank to the main tank.  All it was doing was burning electricity sending water uphill so that it can overflow down into our dam.  Then all the downpipes have been opened so that the water will just find its way down to the Creek.

Our lawn looked like frog heaven.
 The nearby dam was a brimmer.

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