Saturday, 3 March 2012

The impact of record rainfall: 4 Rivers rise

I have revised this opening to show the broad picture across New South Wales.  The next image  is a screen dump from the RTA site on 4 March, showing the sites of flooding on major roads and the major highways that are closed. 
In addition to the sites shown there are many cases of minor roads being closed (eg those depicted below)  which are not included on the map.  Road travel in NSW has just about ceased!

Getting back to local matters, on 2 March our drive was clear so I was able to go out and about.  A few photographs were taken, starting with a visit to Briars-Sharrow Rd previously depicted in a post from Wednesday 29 February.

The owner of this property has told me that in an old map of his property much of it is referred to as the Molonglo Marsh and covered with the appropriate mapping symbol.
There is no chance of getting across this, even with a dose of hero pills.  The water level is just under 1.6m, as opposed to 0.6m in the earlier images, and the current would be vicious.
 The temporal dimension of this blog is about to get a tad weird since it seemed desirable to include here an image from 4 March - possibly the high point for the Molonglo.  You will note it is close to 2m.
Here is a view from 4 March looking across the start of the Plain towards Windemere Station!
By mid-day on 5 March the River had dropped to 0.9m.  It still made an interesting view from the high point on Widgiewa Rd.

In Canberra on 2 March , I took this shot of Lake Burley Griffin to show the fallen trees being washed through.  It does not look as serious a problem as in the flood of 14 months ago, but would still improve a water ski boat if it should whup into one!
Meanwhile in Queanbeyan the low level crossing on Morrisset St is closed!  The water was nowhere near as high as 14 months ago, but the fence around the caravan park was flattened (again).
The owners of the Parkhill Centre, a short distance up the road, show that they have learnt from experience!
By 5 March the Queanbeyan River had dropped significantly, and the team from the Council were out cleaning up.  The next two images taken by Frances.

I will include here a couple of other shots from 4 March.  The first is "paddocks" where Chimney Creek goes under Captains Flat Road (CFR) - about 10km by road from our patch.  I hope that they got their stock out before this episode started,
Secondly on 4 March here is where Whiskers Creek goes under CFR- about 2km in a straight line from our drive.

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