Friday, 23 March 2012

Jackass and various parts of a small dog

This afternoon a Laughing Kookaburra (also known, at least in the past, as a Laughing Jackass) perched in one of the Yellow Box trees on the fringes of our lawn.  I suspect it was looking for grasshoppers or frogs.
A little later on the small dog came into our garage and became extremely interested in what was going on behind a bunch of paintings that are stacked there.  In watching her I spotted an old beer bottle lying on the floor, which explained the rattle which woke me at 5am this morning.  The small dog completely ignored the enticing scent of some garlic bulbs nearby but stuck her nose in and her tail (and a few other bits) out.  There is a rodent under there somewhere!!
"I can't get at it from that side, so lets try the other side of the wardrobe!"
"Nope, I have been looking behind there for 30 minutes and not found anything to play with, so I will go and find himself.  Perhaps there will be a Wascally Wabbit out on the lawn - or at least I can display my 'better' side to the camera."
The next night she was up in the lounge when Wabbits were available.  First they were given a steely gaze.
When that didn't deter them, some jumping and yelping did the job.