Saturday, 17 March 2012

More rain and ongoing impact of the last lot.

Here in Carwoola we didn't get quite the vicious storms described by Denis.   Driving home from Canberra in mid-afternoon we passed through about 3 line squalls in 30km and then scored 10mm in two periods before we retired for the night.  Another 10.5mm came overnight.

As a result of this we are now up to 193mm for the month of March which is only half over!  On 17 March we had about 3 hours of steady rain for 9mm and a total of 202mm for the month.   Before this year the most rain we had recorded in a month was 158mm  in February 2010, with the current record (198mm) occurring this February

The very heavy falls in the first week of this month have done a good job of water-logging our soil, with bad effects on the vegetables.  The tomatoes look as though they have received a good frost
as do the pumpkin vines (the fruit are quite OK).
Amongst our exotic trees the Pin Oak has developed quite a lot of colour - usually I'd rate this an effect of a drought rather than a flood.
Also in the tree department our crab apple has some spectacularly coloured fruit.  If the parrots and silvereyes leave them alone we should have a great display when the leaves fall off.
 The garden flowers are still looking OK
 but I thought I would get the most of the pretties from some container plants we have around the place.  The first is a flower on Stapelia grandiflora:
Then a Begonia:
and finally a new Protea.

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Denis Wilson said...

Very beautiful potted flowers.
The Stapelia grandiflora reminds me of something my father used grow, but I cannot recall the name.
Some of my trees are colouring too.