Friday, 30 July 2010

Sustainable use of wood!

I have put up a couple of previous posts about our impending acquisition of some nice furniture.   We have now got the lot and some photographs of that follow. 

Before getting to that I was most impressed with some comments made by Evan Dunstone who leads the workshop which made the stuff.  He was talking about the sustainable nature of their operation:
  • they use a relatively small amount of carefully selected wood;
  • very little nasty glue is used (cf veneering or particle board operations); 
  • relatively little power is used to drive the 'human-scale' equipment they use; and
  • the product lasts for many, many years - longer than the life of the purchasers.
 Anyway to business.  The images show the furniture where it is.  It is being used and is brilliantly comfortable! Well the bits we sit on are, and as the books and CDs haven't complained about their new accommodation I guess they are also well satisfied.!

I will start with the lounge setting.
This shows a clearer view of one of the single Werriwa chairs and the lovely little table.  In case anyone has a close eye for detail, the game on the TV is the Bronx Bombers against the Tribe, and runner gets thrown out at 1st!
I have included the dining chairs before, but they are worth including again.  (The table isn't part of this set, but being jarrah did inform our choice of wood.)
the next two shots are of the CD case and two of the bookcases in Frances study.  (In case you wonder about the crosses on the wall beside the bookcases, we like the designs so tend to collect them as souvenirs when we get the chance.  We failed in Cusco!)

I will conclude with a couple of images of detailed jointing in the upper part of the CD case - note the head of a Cambodian King- and the seat-leg joint on a 2-seater Werriwa.

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