Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Rainfall (again) and flooded crossing

We got back from England, where it it is supposed to rain all the time but was beautifully sunny, to find that there had been a couple of spells of sogginess in Carwoola.

Rain was again forecast yesterday (13 July), expected to start in the evening.  It was cool (maximum about 10 degrees C) and cloudy/drizzling all day.  Then it bucketed down as we retired for the night.  From the state of our drive (and the surrounding vegetation) Whiskers Creek had obviously flooded during the night, but was merely at 'Heavy Flow' status when we went for our morning walk at about 9:30.

By 7am on the 14th we had totalled 42mm for the event.   This gave us a total of 441mm for the year so far (which can be compared to the year total of 484mm in 2009).  Extrapolating from the ratio of July totals  to annual totals suggests we could be looking at about 875mm for the year as a whole.

This chart shows the monthly totals since we moved here.
While the water over our drive is well gone, I thought it likely that the crossing over Briars Sharrow Rd might offer some photo opportunities.  As the Council staff had previously advised me, they have removed the gates over the crossing (which the idiots just drove round anyway).  So someone chewed a couple of hero pills and tried it with a conventional car: I hope they were able to get out safely themselves <after viewing this blog a member of the Council staff has advised that the occupants were safe in body, if not sound in mind>!  From looking at the "tide mark" on the road the water was at least 30cm higher at the peak!

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