Friday, 23 July 2010

Election update

The Bungendore Mirror delivered yesterday also considered that there are only three candidates apparent thus far.

I was surprised that the Family First people haven't put someone up on the stump yet so checked their website.  I was even more surprised to see that they make no mention of the Federal Election on the site, let alone have a list of candidates.  The part of their site dealing with NSW read like a personal promo for the leader in that State including his pronouncements about the 'confronting burqa' and the problems of alcohol.   I have no intention of including a link to this site since it might encourage them!

The nice Mr Gazard has mailed us out a letter ranting about the waste of money and spiralling debt.  If he is so concerned about financial efficiency and not wasting money why did he also include a leaflet and reply paid envelope about postal voting since the Electoral Commission sent us the same information 2 days earlier?

The Mirror coverage includes photos of Mike Kelly and David Gazard with the Leaders of their parties, which must have delighted Mike Kelly since being photographed with the Monk would have to be only slightly better than being snapped with Dubya.  They didn't have a photo of Catherine Moore: presumably the Green's Budget doesn't extend to taking photographs of candidates!  They conclude with the market, at  their deadline, quoted by Centrebet. For the benefit of readers, as at 6am on 23 July it is:

Mike Kelly $1.32
David Gazard $2.90
Catherine Moore $26.00
Any other $81.00

Interestingly they don't field for all electorates: presumably someone has had a punt for this one.

Overall, they quote the ALP at $1,23 and the Coalition at $4.00.  The one thing I would bet on is that those odds get closer together as the campaign continues.  I am surprised that the big end of town hasn't snapped up a lot of the $4:00 action, but perhaps they are still busy gambling on the stock market?

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