Friday, 30 July 2010

Election update 30 July 2010

During the past week few days has been a bit of bubble and babble as expected.

It started with a story in the Canberra Times that Mike Kelly was a shoo-in for the seat with 61% support.  This was good to see, but my inbox included an email from his campaign saying "These things can change. Keep the pressure on."  That evening the TV news contained a story that the Liberal guy was an extremely good candidate and well qualified etc etc.  I like to see balance: it prevents complacency!

The babble element got more pronounced on 27th etc with the schlock horror revelation that Ms Gillard asked a few questions in Cabinet about some policy or another.  It seems that in the world favoured by the media no-one asks questions!

There was also some publicity given to the fact that Ms Gillard is not a Mrs, but fortunately for my sanity they seem to have realised no-one in Australia other than the troglodytes of Family First or the WA Branch of the Liberal Party gives a drat.  Given the living arrangements of the Leader of the Greens, it would have been nice to see them come out (good phrase, that)  in support of her living her personal life as she chooses.  However, they didn't.

The Mad Monk was managing to keep himself, and his colleagues under, under control.  Even Tuckey and Randall have been quiet (or at least not covered in the Eastern States media)!

By 28 July the Coalition was down to $3.65.  A colleague has suggested that this was due to whoever in the ALP was doing the leaking of Cabinet documents getting a bit of the action on the opposition.  They also mentioned, in the same breath, the phrase "rats in the ranks'.

We have noticed that the news on SBS is as determinedly against the ALP as the Murdoch press.  This is a major surprise as the ALP is far more supportive of immigrants (the natural constituency of SBS) than the Liberals.  Perhaps the Weasel chose well in appointing the head of SBS?  I was out in the evening of the 29th but Frances turned the news off when it featured:
  • 3 old ducks from the Salvation Army; followed by
  • Cardinal Pell
raving on about Julia Gillard being an atheist.  I anxiously await them giving coverage to Baron Bannside expressing his views on the Mad Monk's Catholicism.

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