Saturday, 17 July 2010

The small dog gets through a hole

While the small dog was on holidays she refused to use the doggy door (about 20cm in diameter) available to her and Zoe (the host corgi).  This was even after she had been assisted through it, and seen Zoe use it.

When told this tale of wilfulness we suggested that she would have been through it quick smart, had a rabbit been on the other side.

This afternoon we had her on a rope near our red shed, underneath which she had found rabbits in the past - until I blocked the entry holes.  Rabbits had recently dug a new hole about 10cm in diameter in a new spot.  Here are pictures of the small dog proving the correctness of our suggestion.  I think her chest must be close to 10cm in diameter as at one point of the emergence process she had to lay sideways to get out!

The holes have now been blocked since things with less that 4 legs (in fact about 4 less than 4) also tend to live under there and we do not want small dog playing with them.

A few days later she demonstrated that she can also deal with relatively large holes: in this case a burrow made by an echidna who foresaw meatant on its menu.


Denis Wilson said...

Hi Martin
Yes, one needs to keep the dog away from the Legless Creatures. Small Terriers are renowned for their fascination, sometimes mutually fatal, with those creatures.

fanfaronoi said...

This is amazing! I'm fostering a dog that looks just like that and is named Zoe - a stray that was hit by a train and lost her front legs! Could not find someone to tell me what breed she is!
Check her photo album out at

Flabmeister said...

G'day Fanfaroni

A sad start to the tale but a happier ending. I would guess that she is (mainly) a Fox Terrier with a few other bits and pieces possible. Ours is the closely related Tenterfield Terrier.

Either way I bet she gave the train a good set of teeth marks as it went over her. They are very affectionate breeds but don't stand for any nonsense.


fanfaronoi said...

Thank you! They sure don't. I call her Bat-zoe 'cause she loves to "flyjump" form couch to couch... :)