Sunday, 25 July 2010

Election update 25 July.

I have just rturned form a Veterans Handicap race.  As I came back past the roundabout at Yass Rd in Queanbeyan there were a row of about 6 young persons holding up signs promoting Mr Gazard.  Ihave seen that in the US in the past, and also Brendan Nelson did something similar as a way of saying 'Thank you" to his electors when he left office.

The markets are basically staying where they were, although the coalition had moved out to $4.25.

There have been a few interesting events on the radio news this morning:
  • The Liberal Party in NSW have disendorsed some character (see image to the left, ex ABC website) who complained about his opponent being a Muslim.   ABC radio then carried a comment from the disendorsed one raving on about how Muslims shouldn't be allowed in Parliament.  It does make one wonder about their preselection processes!
  • The Liberals have also announced that they are going to cut immigration.  Unfortunately it appears that economic conditions have already done this for them, so they are looking like chumps.
  • The ALP has announced a cash-for-clunkers scheme, and also tax allowances for people to improve the energy efficiency of commercial premises.   WRT the latter, I hope it is better managed than the home insulation scheme!
  • The Greens have been fulminating about the ALP plan to have a consultative forum about climate change.  It seems that consultation is not what the Greens are interested in: if anyone is still listening to their announcements they seem to be doing a good job of shooting themselves in the foot!!
Overall it seems to me like business as usual.  I still reckon that $4.25 is very good value.

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