Thursday, 22 July 2010

Don't need to be a fireman ..

.. to know which way the flames blow!  With apologies to Mr Zimmerman (and, indeed, the Weather Underground)!

It being the middle of Winter, a nice cold and (more or less) calm morning it was time to light up "the pile".  For those who do not have the benefit of living in rural Australia that is the name given to the heap of flammable stuff one accumulates over a period of time.   It is usually:
  • Things that are too small to bother chopping up for the indoor fire;
  • Weeds that are too nasty to risk spreading through the compost bins; and 
  • Whatever is left over from last years fire!
This year had the added bonus of
  • the really rotten (or white ant ridden) components of a heap of building wood further up the block that I should have lit up about 3 years ago (the better bits will be sawn up as kindling); and
  • some treated pine offcuts from the step rebuilding process.
For once the weather forecast was stable and delivered as required.  So I was able to rely on having warned the RFS (and about 7 nearby residents) of my intention to create a pyroclaust and lit up about 9:15am.  

Herewith a photo of the pile, and my best feature, as I caused ignition.  Being an ex Boy Scout I did only use 1 match, but despite my agricultural background, I didn't stick an old tyre underneath to make sure it got some heat in it!.
As will be evident from this 10am shot it soon developed some heat of its own.
 As usual matters soon calmed down (although the column of smoke was probably visible from several kms away) and by 11am this was the situation.
The next two images show noon and 5pm.
It will probably quietly smoulder and reduce in size over the next few days.  I'll keep an eye on it but with cold weather, little wind (and me having thoroughly soaked a metre wide perimeter) it won't go anywhere.

I'll finish with a shot of the blaze at its height.  I'm not the sort of person that really gets off on fires, but I thought this close up shot (about 10am) was pretty attractive.

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