Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Spring flowers begin

Although we have had reasonably solid frosts for most of the mornings since we returned from England a few flowers are beginning to emerge.

It is particularly pleasing to see a daffodil in flower up the drive.  There are about another 1800 (or so I am advised) in various stages of emerging from the ground in various places around the premises!

Closely related to the daffodils are of course the jonquils.

Always early starters are the Violets (in this case not the native ones, which I must go and search for) and Snowflakes (which seem to have presented themselves in the wrong order.- but I am sure you can work out which is what).

In terms of shrubs we really only have two in flower at the moment.  These are a Hebe (purple) and a nice green Correa (finally an Australian native).

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