Monday, 5 December 2016

Queanbeyan QE 2 Park redevelopment

For thepast year our run in Queanbeyan along the river has had to take a different route as our traditional voyage through QE 2 Park was subject to the whims of the construction industry.  They more or less finished on Saturday with the redeveloped area opened by the Governor-General.  I drove past on Sunday and it seemed well replete with family funsters, which is GOOD.

This morning I went for a run past to check the possible new routes and take a few snaps.  Here is an overview of the upper level.  I didn't try sitting on the benches but they looked quite good.
 The playground is a lot larger and has a water feature (which will be good until the next drought comes).  Note that in both images there are Mums and rugrats enjoying the facility.

I presume there are plans for performances at the bottom of this amphitheatre.  Which will be fine or possibly excellent as long as it isn't garage bands at 500dB as was the case with the the thrash metal exposition at Regatta Point on Sunday.
 They have a nice BBQ area and I assume vines with grow over the pergola eventually.  It will be interesting to see if the social group which used to gather here at lunchtime will return or if they will stick to their alternate venue by the River.  (The dunies here could be a positive, the Alcohol-free zone possibly less so.)
 Nicely designed refuse bins have natural history designs on them ..
 ... but why some has stuck a species not found within 650km of Queanbeyan is a worry.
 A worry shared is a worry halved, so I have shared my views on this with the Council.

Here is a wider view from across the River.

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