Friday, 23 December 2016

Decorations etc

In the Northern hemisphere a white Christmas refers to precipitation (and is contrasted with a green Christmas when the white stuff doesn't fall). In Carwoola a White Christmas is guaranteed as the Kunzea ericoides (aka Burgan) flowers.
Here is a close up.
In these times where so many people seem to get negative about Christmas (don't enjoy yourself, get miserable because the world isn't perfect) we thought it really good to see the decorations folk had hung on their gates or letter boxes as we drove from Mallacoota. It is only done to make things nice for others, who drive by. 
I'll begin with a somewhat larger goodie from the Hoskinstown Plain.
This is becoming a tradition in the area, having been done for a couple of years!
The photos below come from closer to home.

I think part of the inspiration for Santa's sleigh was the statues farmers put in their tiny fields in France as Le Tour goes by.  Another tradition in that event is painting the cyclists names on the roads: how embarrassing to have "Allez Lance" permanently on your road.  That has also been emulated.

Have a very good one!

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Sharpen said...

Merry Christmas Martin and Frances and Dog (forgotten its name) from Sharon. Thanks for the interesting and entertaining blogs. I especially like the pictures that go with your blogs.