Sunday, 18 December 2016

Another post!

I may change that subject if something more dramatic occurs to me while the process of composition happens!  This post has been compiled from a set of photos, rather than a chronological review of the day so if it seems to dodge about a tad may I use the Kiswahili phrase "pole sana" which means "I feel your pain but it isn't my problem".

I passed some time with my telescope at the Mallacoota Water Treatment Plant.  It seems that the waterbirds are beginning to return from their flood viewing trip to Western NSW and Queensland.  I haven't seen Hardheads or Hoary-Headed Grebes here for some months.  My iPhone adapter captured some Black Swan cygnets ...
 .. and a female Musk Duck.
 I'm not sure what the cygnet in the background is up to.  Can a Swan give a Duck The Bird?

Much earlier in the day a White-headed Pigeon posed on the power lines.  They are popping up here, and also there, quite often but not in the large numbers sseen earlier in the year.  Perhaps nesting requires a little privacy?
 If the chance to snap a Kingfisher - in this case a Sacred species - arises, I will grab it.
 We walked the powerline in West 'coota this morning and there were flowers available.  The common holder of the banner for team purple was this species which I think is a member of thegenus Scaevola.
 There was a lot of this tea tree around.
 I will go so far as to label this Leptospermum sp (ie more tea-tree!
Possibly the most common flowers were these.  Obviously a monocotyledon (from the 3 petals) and leaves looked rather sedge-like. But beyond that?  Fortunately Ian Fraser has suggested Xyris sp.
The number of bird species jumped a fair bit today and currently stands at 72!