Thursday, 1 December 2016

November 2016 weather report

Here is a slightly updated version of the report published in the Gazette.  The main change is a decrease of 2mm in monthly rainfall - obviously something got duplicated in my updating.  Sorry about that.
An overall summary of the month would be that following a very wet Winter and and early Spring, and a very cool October, this month was pretty average in everything.


I regard 50mm of rain in a month as 'reasonable' and we just made it this month.  The rain fell on 8 days spread through the month, although the last week was dry.
Note that the average shown here is for the past 9 years while that in the Gazette notice is for a 32 year period.

Whiskers Creek has run through the month, although getting a bit close to 'trickle' level by the 30th.


Looking at the month in detail there have been a series of warmings (shown by the chain of red boxes) followed by a sharp drop as a front comes through. 
Average maximum temperature was very similar to last year and the long term average.  
 In much the same way that I have commented on frosts during the colder months I intend to cover the number of Heat Wave Days each month over the warmer period.  In essence a Heat Wave is a period if 3 or more consecutive days with a maximum temperature >35o
C and a minimum >10oC.  If you wish to know more its here!'
For November this year we have one heat wave last 4 days.  This is about normal.

The minimum temperature was well less than 2015, but almost exactly on average.


When I first compiled a chart of daily readings for Relative Humidity at 3pm I was quite surprised at how many days were below my "reasonable"level of 40%.  So I also downloaded the Bureau of Meteorology data for Canberra Airport.
 It is clear that the two series are very similar.  I then looked at longer term - 4 years of observations - average data which showed that the month was almost spot on the average, but somewhat less than 2015.
I believe the dryness does explain wide the wide brown land is justifying the brown element of the cliche.


Looking at the daily maximum gust ...
 ... shows a breezy first half of the month after which the wind was much less evident.

The longer term picture continues to show a pattern of a higher average wind speed than in the past.  (I cannot help but consider I have caused this by clearing the spider webs off the anemometer in April!  Friction is a terrible thing!)

However again I consider the month to be rather average!

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