Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Mainly stuff around the house and block

This extends the snaps I put on my facebook page today.  It's a few things that interested me around our house.  The first few photos are of Frances' fuchsias that are beginning to flower on the deck.  Its surprising (not) how much better they are going in the absence of a dose of glyphosate.

In the strip below the deck is a honeysuckle, which is a Bad Invasive Weed up the block but quite attractive when constrained.
The bed outside our sun-room has a variety of tubular flowers in it, which do a good job of feeding Eastern Spinebills and other honeyeaters.
 Penstemons help out with this task.
 As I was going out this morning a full size Gippsland Water Dragon was basking above the Creek.
I find these beasts quite attractive, and very interesting when seen in close-up.
Later in the day I had a sweep round the currants ...
 .. and berries.
The strawberries are taking a break at the moment but the Boysenberries and Loganberries are picking up the slack.  The raspberries are producing a lot (in numbers) of fruit but are suggesting some additional pruning would be good to improve the size of each fruit.

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