Saturday, 24 December 2016

A campaign to revitalise a word

Comment by My Musical Friend: " As a result of the American election, I've given up the trumpet. I'm now a 'brass player'."
My response: "I like your change of instrument description. It caused me to think of what else could be done with the t-word and have decided that the archaic "strumpet" has some appeal (although I understand that members of that profession are relatively honest in delivering what they offer).
MMF: "I'm thinking that perhaps the word 'strumpet' should be revived, and used, in a gesture of sympathy, to refer to women who have been groped by Donald. The word would then possibly enjoy widespread use.
Ëxemplifying follow-up by MFF "Overheard on a New York street: "See that person over there? She's a strumpet, poor woman. Hasn't been the same since".
So here starts the campaign to revive the strumpet! Probably best by word of mouth, not mouth to mouth.

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Bill and Jean Egan said...

In my boarding school years in County Waterford Ireland (1949 - 1953) the word 'trump was the common expression for a fart