Friday, 30 December 2016

Back to the movies

We have decided that we'll go to the movies once a month this year (2017).  Today was declared an honorary member of 2017 as we made our first visit to a cinema for about 20 years.

We gave Palace Electric our custom.  This is next door to Hotel Hotel in Acton, which had some interesting architecture.

 The cinema is interesting with about 8 screens and each theatre holding about 100 punters.  It was very comfortable although I was initially worried about the albedo factor of the guy in front.
The movie of choice was La La Land: apparently a reference to the dreamlike nature of life in LA.  Its interesting that in Kiswahili "lala" means "sleep".

Our overall rating of the movie was quite interesting.   Not a 10, but well above 5 - perhaps 7?  Without giving away the plot, I was expecting a musical with lots of dancing and singing, which is certainly where it starts off and continues for about 30 minutes.  Plot and character development then get in the way - although there is some good jazz perpetrated - for about 40 minutes.  The final section is again more interesting with some good dancing and interesting plot stuff.

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