Sunday, 4 December 2016

Here and there

Frances was desirous of going there, but as we left here some Gippsland Water Dragons were sunning themselves on rocks by the ford.  A third one, midway in size between the two featured, was also present but couldn't be fitted into the shot.

The medium sample was imaged the next day

 A close up of the biggie.
 The ultimate 'there' was the Sculpture Garden of the NGA.  It was as always a lovely place, only spoilt by the appalling noise coming from Bogan Central also known as the Spilt Milk 'Festival' being perpetrated at Regatta Point.  As we found it too loud at 1km range it must be bad for the health of the brain-dead attendees.

The mist sculpture was evident.  However I was reminded of one time a guy was doing maintenance or as he put it "Making it more like a mist sculpture rather than a poor lawn sprinkler."
 A small person - not the Small Person  - was a tad reluctant to go through the fog.
 Fiona Hall's tree fern work is doing rather well ....
 .. although we noticed that several of them seem to have adopted a more horizontal approach to growth.
 We then decided to visit the Turrell installation.
 Views of clouds were available through the hole in the roof.
With binoculars it was possible to establish that the black dot was a jewel spider!

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