Monday, 26 December 2016

An excellent Christmas (Brianmas?) Day

The day began well with the return of Tawny Frogmouths.
I initially thought this was Dad and the 2 chicks,  However on Boxing Day they adopted a slightly different position which led me to conclude it was both adults and a single chick.  Given that one of the chicks was a complete Gumby in leaving the nest, it is not surprising it had trouble dealing with a continuing existence.  While not resiling from the Gumby call, while collecting the washing today I found all 4 of them.  Mum was perched on another branch (actually a bit of fallen timber) somewhat lower down and I hadn't spotted her in the first check!  Really good news.

Our first engagement for the day was visiting Ingrid, Alex and Arabella.  Arabella is very keen on drawing things so we had taken along lotsa equipment for her.

 I must buy some equity in a wrapping paper manufacturer!
 I can't remember what Frances was being painted as ...
 .. but know I was a leopard!
 In the evening we went to our friends - Rob, Carol and Shevaun - place for dinner.  We took Tammy along as usual.  Here is Tammy (3.5kg) getting inspected by Boson (20kg).
 Boson pounces.
 Tammy displays her usual level of terror at such attention.
 There were a few scraps of turkey to be shared.

 Here we have the well known Matador, El Corblimey, dealing out a veronica to Boson.
I concluded that had Boson been a Miura bull, the toreador's femoral artery would have very soon been in about 6 separate pieces.  El Perro Loco would definitely have been awarded two ears for his performance!
 In conclusion:


Mary Chamie said...

Thank you for sharing your Christmas day. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, as well, Martin.

Flabmeister said...

Thanks Mary. I trust you and Joe also had a good one.