Thursday, 25 December 2014

Where is Mr Tray?

It being Christmas Day I thought you might like a small game to play while the Christmas pud, turkey, ham and sundry beverages slump to the base of your abdomen.  Or, if in a less happy situation, to distract you from not having the above.

We got two presents from a member of the family.

One was a coffee pot, complete with armouring vaguely along the lines of chook wire.  Interesting in and of itself but it turns out to have been manufactured by R Bourne and Son Ltd in 1947 (as were myself and Frances).  The date is substantiated by a stamp of "G VI R".  Unfortunately Google knows nothing about this bunch of Bournes - possibly they are from Denby in Derbyshire?   So if you want a really tough game, try to find out about this mob of potters!

For a simpler game, along the lines of "Where's Wally?"  I offer the following set of snaps including the second present described as "good for a garden party".  Possible this comment is based on the difficulty of losing it in a garden.

The product was subject to scrutiny by our garden's quality controller.
 Most of our garden parties are on the lawn, and Mr Tray is easy to find there.
 Also easy to track if leant against a clump of daisies!
 Don't let the fruiting tomatoes distract you!
 Honeysuckle is obvious but Mr T is a little subtle here.
 OK.  Earn your next glass of brandy: this features a chook house, some raspberry canes and Mr T!

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