Friday, 19 December 2014

A paler shade of white

Hopefully that title will evoke a memory of the Procol Harum song "A Whiter Shade of Pale " for those who:
  1. had been born by 1967; and
  2. can remember the year!
Rather than a 1-hit wonder Pom Pop band, with a predilection for enriching lawyers (see link), this post is about the various approaches to white in some of the native flora in Carwoola.

Whiskers Creek Rd is currently bordered on both sides by swathes of Kunzea ericoides (aka "Burgan" in Australia or Kanuka in NZ).  This is the usual White Christmas of Carwoola appearance.
 When we walk through here early in the morning the sweet scent of the flowers is almost overpowering,  I'd like to put in a link here to give you the scent  but no-one would click on that would they?

A little further up the road a large bush of Cassinia longifolia also appears to have white flowers
 However, against the Kunzea flowers the Cassinia is clearly more like cream.
 Nearby a tall Bursaria spinosa also appears cream against a Kunzea backdrop.
 However that appearance goes away when the open flowers are looked at closely. They are definitely white.
Here is a close-up of some Bursaria flowers with some Kunzea.  Look closely and the different petal shapes can be seen, but both are in fact the same shade of white!
By way of contrast here is an image of the Bursaria seen in the wide shot above, 10 days later when it has opened and all the Kunzea flowers have died off!

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