Sunday, 7 December 2014


Over the years that we have been in Carwoola Frances has taken many cuttings of Pelargoniums and potted them up.  This year they are looking particularly good so earn a post.

I'll start by noting that for many years, when growing up in the UK, I called these "Geraniums" which is actually a separate genus within the family Geraniaceae.  Interestingly, when we were studying in Sienna they were a common window box plant called "Geranio".  For both countries the plants are pretty new, being endemic to South Africa, from whence they came in 1631.  The split into two genera was apparently made in 1789 so should have had plenty of time to filter from taxonomy into the vernacular.

Enough text.  To the pretties!  The biggest collection is on the deck on the North facing side of the house (the South side is the haunt of Fuschias - watch this space).
Most of this lot are fairly plain coloured flowers.

Another group of fancier coloured flowers haven't done so well on the deck and Frances put them in a more sheltered area which only gets morning sun.
 They have enjoyed the move!

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