Sunday, 7 December 2014

Some more weather stuff

The weather recently has been rather damp.  After the storm described in an earlier post another lot appeared to be brewing on 5 December.

That came to nothing.

On 6 December we were taking breakfast in Weston in Canberra when a huge storm hit.  A literal hit occurred as we started off for home (about 1130) with a lightning bolt hitting major power lines.  We later found this shut off the power to friends we had been visiting (and presumably many others) for about 5 hours. We drove through the heavy  rain nutil about 10km from home when everything turned dry.

This stayed as the case allowing me to transplant the Oregon Grape we had acquired from our friends garden.
Its amazing what will fit in to the boot of a Jetta.

Then it started to rain and by the time we returned from another party (about 1630) 42mm had fallen.  By 1711 it looked as thought the rain may be stopping - it was coming straight from the North .
We ended the day with 56.2mm, giving a total for the month so far of 90.6mm.  More rain is forecast for the next few days.

This rain caused a few interesting things to appear on roadways.  An Eastern long-necked tortoise was walking on our concrete drive and was relocated to a dam.  The next day there was a strange squashed shape on Widgiewa Rd.  On inspection that turned out to be  (or more correctly to have been) a yabby.

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