Monday, 1 December 2014

November updates

Although this is a November update you'll be reading this in December so here is a seasonal photo of a Christmas cactus (Zygocactus - or Schlumbergia).
.According to Yates they flower in the periods of long dark nights (ie Xmas in the N hemisphere) so this one is flowering now is a mystery - but a pretty mystery!

As well as the usual set of  updates you may have missed I will note here that I bought a case of Cernovar Dark Lager when visiting Plonk recently.
  1. They offered the pale and dark lagers but the words on the boxes "Cerne" and "Svelte" were unhelpful as I don't speak Czech.  (The hint of dark and light coloured boxes wasn't immediately picked up!)  Sorted that and a very nice nutty drop it is: perhaps more like a medium brown ale than a lager, but tasty.  
  2. Subsequently we decided that this might be hard to get in the future so a second case was acquired. On that trip it was amusing that the serving person couldn't remember which was what either!

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Although I have a few projects in mind the only addition to "Carwoola birds" was the October report.  

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