Sunday, 14 December 2014

Natural things around Carwoola

We seem to have got an early start on Christmas with the countryside going white!  Unfortunately it isn't snow, but Kunzea ericoides.
 Here is a close up of this plant that is now very common here.
The other common white-flowered shrub in the area is Bursaria spinosa.  It is still in bud.
On the following day we noticed that a little of the Bursaria in the upper reaches of the Estate is now in flower.  So insect heaven will soon be with us.

Although Kunzea is not a bug magnet as is Bursaria I thought I'd go for a prowl to see what was around.

I'd barely got out the door when I came across two Common Bronzewings.
 As they are both males I know I will get chastised by one reader if I refer to them as a pair.  Or a couple.  So I'll stick with "two".
There were quite a few Hoverflies around but they were negatively phototrophic (not aided by a moderate breeze).  This Robber Fly was much more accommodating, although I was about 2m away when I took the image..
Getting to some planted Eucalyptus viminalis I was struck by the amount of clicking noises I could hear.  Most of this seemed to be coming from Christmas Beetles Anoplognathus rugosus which were well coupled.
 This one lost its grip so began a single.
This caterpillar was in my car and was very active.  Even though the image is very blurry I think it is attractive in a lion-dance sort of way.
A Cabbage White (Pieris rapae turned up on the kitchen window.  I was feeling peaceful so it was released outside, even though I could hear the brassica screaming.

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