Wednesday, 24 December 2014

A new feral?

I went for a drive through Hoskinstown in the direction of Rossi on 23 December.  Just outside of the first-named village are some blocks of land which were up for sale a few months ago.  I don't know if the sale went through, or was part of the sale of the whole of Foxlow Station.

On several recent occasions I have noticed some colourful; cattle on the property.  They have long, upthrust horns so I have called them Texas Longhorns (I can't see why anyone would have the alternative breed Ayrshires, as they are a dairy breed).

On this outing they had a new Best Friend Forever.
What on earth is a camel doing out here?  Obviously, in this case, eating hawthorn so it isn't all bad!
However the damage it could cause if it escapes is definitely a worry!

A further thought is that the combination of beasts from Texas and Arabia causes me to wonder if there was a link to other common factor of those locations: oil.  Is there fracking in Hoskinstown's future?

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