Tuesday, 23 October 2012

What would artists do?

On the evening of 22 October Frances cut some flowers of our Dutch Irises as indoor blooms, since we couldn't see them clearly in the garden.

The result was rather attractive!
It is easy to see how Van Gogh was inspired by blue irises. I suspect his examples were flag irises (subgenus Iris) rather than a 'Dutch' species from the (probably subgenus Xiphium).

I have added this image from the garden with Photinia in the background.

After taking that image I looked out the window and was struck by the evening sun striking the huge Yellow Box (Eucalyptus meliodora) around which our lawn has been created.
Some how this reminded me of paintings by Hans Heysen.  Again there are a couple of differences to the images heading the linked article.  I am pretty sure that is morning light, rather than evening, and the trees are River Red Gums (Eucalyptus camadulensis) rather than Yellow Box.  But let us not worry about details!

Getting back to the title of the post (itself a reference to a Gruen segment) it took me about 5 seconds to take these two images (possibly I should have taken longer) as opposed to the much longer time it would have taken Vincent or Hans to do their works.  So the question is what would they have done if they had had digital cameras?

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