Tuesday, 2 October 2012

"Tulips that are red ..." (and other flowers)

How could I miss the reference to Mario Lanza with the beautiful red tulips that are currently in our garden?
 The purple and yellow ones aren't bad either!
Denis found a lot of evidence of 'orchids-to-come' last Thursday.  I normally regard consideration of orchid leaves and buds as the first step on the road to perdition (or at least the Funny Farm).  However these are easy to get at and provide a nice basis for a project to measure them.  The single bud is 'A"  ...
 ... while these two are B (closer) and C.
When first measured, on 1 October, A was 3.8cm from ground to tip of bud, B 4.2 and C 7.2

To conclude, here are some leaves of Eucalyptus meliodora, silhouetted artistically against a moon!

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Denis Wilson said...

What about the road to perdition for looking for what turns out to be "puns" in your links?
Tulips... To lips that are red and sweet as the fruit on the tree.
Damn you, Butterfield.