Thursday, 18 October 2012

Hymenochilus cycnocephalus and other floral images

After some weeks of looking at rosettes one of our Hymenochilus cycnocephalus (Swan greenhood) has finally protruded forth a spike.
The shape of the black bit gets it to the nominated species!
Those who know me may be amazed at my not triggering the labellum, but for once the floret was easy to get at and the wind wasn't lashing the spike back and forth.

The Daviesia mimosoides is flowering profusely away from the house.
Also profuse are Lissanthe strigosa ....
 .... Pultenaea procumbens ....
 ,,, and Xerochrysum viscosum.

Our Wisteria is repaying the pruning of last year with a very good flowering over the car port.
The crab apple is getting its floral act together (although its fruit is donated to the birds - too much work for too little return to make jelly).
A few days later and the tree is in full blossom, making a very good sight from the bedroom.
The other apples - which will be munched and/or dried - are also blooming well.

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