Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Rutherglen part 2 and homewards

There were no noisy discos in Rutherglen so I got a good nights sleep.  On waking up I went for a stroll down the main street to find a bakery while Carol went for a run and Rob for a walk.

For some reason my legs felt sore and stiff, but I managed to make it to a purveyor of baked goods.  Unfortunately they also had a coffee machine so I had to wait while someone got some form of cappuccino prepared for them.  They eventually delivered me a couple of donut thingies which were consumed with relish before we headed for Chambers Winery on the outskirts of town.

This is another older winery, as evidenced by the presses under the barn.
 They had a great philosophy encapsulated in the lower of these signs.
The approach to tasting was simple.  Do it yourself.  They had some 24 bottles available for sampling
but as it was only 9:10 am and we had to get home sipping and spitting was the order of the day.  I got a bottle of liqueur muscat and a couple of Durif.

The next stop was Morris a few km off towards Albury.  A more "commercial" operation with a purpose built tasting area in the middle of the barrels.
The tasting was a bit more controlled in that a young bloke poured the samples for you.  The size of the serves he gave were such that it would have been easy to have become even less capable of walking very quickly.  The spittoon got more action.  I acquired a couple of bottle of Cinsault (known in the area as Blue Imperial) and another bottle of Muscat.  Rob and Carol ordered a mixed dozen and were given a bottle of top Durif as a bonus!

Then on to the highway.  We paused briefly in Holbrook for more baked goods (pies and pasties) and on towards Canberra.  The plan was to refuel at the "Dog on the Tuckerbox" (DOTT)outside Gundagai.  As we approached the south side of that settlement we saw a sign saying "No fuel at  BP South Gundagai".  Being generous it might have said North Gundagai, but both Rob and I read it as "South".  Whatever: we got to the DOTT and found it a construction site: it used to be BP but was now becoming a Shell station.  So we had to go back to South Gundagai (there being no servo in the town itself)  which was open as we weren't certain that we had enough fuel to get 50km to Jugiong.  What a @^%^^&*&#$@ stupidity.

Having recovered from that we rolled on down the road and got to Rob's place about 3:30 and then met up with Frances at 4:45.

Basically a very, very good trip.

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