Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Rhodos Rool!

I hope readers will excuse yet another foray into exotic plants.  I thought the display of Rhodedendrons in Commonwealth Park today worthy of blogging.

I'll note that I had gone there looking for fruit bats, which while not really native to the area seem to have spread here under their own steam.  They were not around, probably being driven away by the long cold Winter.

With no more ado here are my photos of the pretty flowers.  The display starts just behind the statue.  I have no idea why the choughs were running away from the plants.

What a pity they are not in flower during Floriade!  But as a 'local' all I can say, emulating the Sergeant in It Aint half hot Mum  is "Oh dear, what a pity.  Never mind!"

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