Tuesday, 23 October 2012

More seasonal matters

Today has been quite interesting in the things that have been seen here and there today.

I will start with an record from there (where there = Kelly's Swamp).  I went back to the swamp to have another go for the Little Bittern but this time was unlucky.  However I did find a Nankeen Night Heron sitting in a willow right opposite the Bittern Hide.  Quite a few photos were taken but I like this one the best as it had its head in view.
 The COG Annual Bird Report for 2009-10 notes all records between 24 October and 27 February while the few records from 2010-11 were between 5 October and 23 November.  However I did see 5 of the species a few weeks ago in another part of these wetlands.  The obvious question is whether clearing many of the willows from the Molonglo has simply made the birds that may have always over-wintered here more visible?

Outside Bittern Hide a strange pink flower attracted a Yellow Admiral (Vanessa itea).
Home on the Ranch the Pied Currawongs are sitting firmly on their nest.
Going towards the top of the block we found a good number (ie a BIG number) of Thelymitra plants in bud.  Roll on some warmth to get them out in bloom.  We found our first examples of Donkey Orchids on the block.  Both:
Diuris pardina
and D. sulphurea.
The top paddock was being guarded
so we beat a retreat before Tammie decided to protect us!


Steve M said...

Wow. I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog, Fran. Thanks for the beautiful nature shots, especially the small native plants, many of which I'm trying to grow on my central Vic bush block!

J Gray said...

The Donkey Orchids are stunning! How I wish we had those at our patch also! Great post and sightings