Friday, 12 October 2012

Has anyone seen Spring?

Yesterday was one of the wettest days we have had here with 72mm of rain.  This pales into insignificance when contrasted to the 200mm plus recorded in Ulladulla yesterday.  It was however enough to cause Whiskers Creek to flood over our drive late yesterday.

That is not surprising given that;

  1. the catchment above our ford is about 6 square kilometres in area and 
  2. 72mm of rain over such an area is equal to 432,000 litres of water, and
  3. the soil is pretty well saturated already and what falls runs off;
  4. trying to fit through a 1m diameter pipe.  

However I was surprised when I got up this morning (5:30am) to read that snow had fallen at Bungendore, our nearest village.  Then the sky lightened and I discovered that our lawn was white (image to come later)!  No wonder it felt cool overnight.

First a flash shot.
 Light slowly arrives.
 The Creek was still in spate, but not actually over the drive.
 The hills towards Bungendore.


Denis Wilson said...

Awaiting your photos.
Even the Canberra Times has pretty impressive photos from Bywong and Wamboin areas.

Flabmeister said...

Here they are.

Denis Wilson said...

I am feeling cold enough, now, just looking from a distance.
It seems that Bywong got a better "dump" of snow than your area.
Or maybe they have cleared more, so it looks more even, and hence more spectacular.
Liked your "Flash" shot in first light conditions.
Hope your Marathon went (or goes) well.